Walking Group


Due to our successful initial Activity Challenge in 2021/2022, we have decided to continue. As a group, we had made phenomenal strides, traversing more than half way around the world! Individually, the accomplished distances were astounding. A few members achieved more than 2,000 kms! Brian Sullivan, our regional member in Ecuador bicycled more than 3,000kms and Bill Murrell, our Supply and Travel representative was our top Ontario individual, walking and paddling 2,836 kms.

The Activity Challenge will run from 01 September 2022 to 31 August 2023. Our goal this year is to have the group traverse the entire circumference of the world, a mere 40,075 kms. In order to achieve this goal, we naturally need member participation. With over 120 members, this should be an easy feat. Your mental and physical state will also thank-you.

The Activity Challenge is to traverse our approximate regional circumference of 719 kms. You may accumulate distance by walking, hiking, running, bicycling, swimming, paddling, golfing, indoor on exercise machines, or outdoors. Like last year, once you have achieved our regional circumference, you are encouraged to keep going to assist in the accomplishment of the world circumference.

To register for the IPA Region 6 Fitness Challenge please send me an email at ipar6challenge@gmail.com . As Fitness Challenge coordinator I will respond back within a short period of time. An Excel spreadsheet 2022/2023 has been created to track kilometers (kms) and names. Participants are requested to submit their kms on a monthly basis.

Teresa Holmes
Region 6 Secretary &
Activity Challenge Coordinator