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At Belliatus Studio your hostess Nathalie will make sure to conduct a thorough consultation with you upon your arrival to help determine your eyelash preferences whether it is the length, curl, or shape that will best suit your needs. Nathalie will take into consideration not only your style preference, but also the current health of your natural eyelashes which is extremely important. Nathalie will make sure to give you a professional, personal and high standard service. Your comfort is very important. Nathalie will make you so at ease, that you may fall asleep, waking up to a fabulous new YOU.  Before you leave the studio she will make sure you LOVE your new and stunning lashes. She is confident that the results will speak for themselves!


You don't need eyelashes but would love a great beautiful smile?? No problem!! Nathalie is also a certified teeth whitening technician and possesses the latest professional equipment to get you from a nice to a fabulous smile. 

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